Scrapbook Pages

Renee and I have completely different styles when it comes to our scrapbooks. I’m full-on straight and narrow– I make yearly scrapbooks. My daughter just turned 9, so I currently have 8 scrapbooks (haven’t started on 8-9 yet). I’ll print off a year’s worth of pictures, separate them by month and organize each month by day, so that my scrapbook is in chronological order. When I make my pages, I choose my papers that kinda match the picture. I CAN make pages without the pictures, but it’s harder for me.

Renee on the other hand, can make pages for days without a picture in sight! Her scrapbooks are definitely not as rigidly set as mine, and when we go to our scrapbook retreats, she never knows exactly what she’ll work on. There have been times she’s made several pages for different topics (birthday, Christmas, etc.) without putting a single picture on the page.

If there is a specific page layout that you would like (holiday, sports, life event, or color scheme) and you don’t see what you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us we’d be more than happy to work with you to make what you’d like. We try to make each of our pages and layouts individually so chances are if it’s sold out we might not have the exact same paper available, but we can work to make something similar for you if you’d like.

Baby Scrapbook Pages

Christmas / Winter Scrapbook Pages

Fall / Halloween Scrapbook Pages

Fourth of July Scrapbook Pages

Kids Scrapbook Pages (Boys and/or Girls)

Misc. Scrapbook Pages

Spring Scrapbook Pages

Wedding Scrapbook Pages


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