About Us

Hi.  I’m Renee (Ren) and I’m one half of HandCraftedBy2.  The other half is my amazing best friend Anne (everyone should have a friend like her).  We have spent countless hours making cards, scrapbooking, and crafting.  After giving it a lot of thought we decided that we need to find a way to make use of the tons of supplies we just HAD to have.  That is how HandCraftedBy2 came to be.  Our goal is to make and sell handmade cards, scrapbook pages, and various crafts.  We couldn’t dream of a better way to spend time together than doing something we love.

I’m Anne, the second half of HandCraftedBy2.  I’ve been scrapping and making cards for about 6 years, and have addicted Renee to it in the process.  During that time I’ve managed to hoard enough supplies to supply a small army of scrappers, but there’s always something new and exciting or on sale that I HAVE to have!!  It’s a dream of mine to one day own a scrapbook store, and spend my days making cards and scrapbook pages and teaching others to love it as much as I do.  But baby steps!!  Let’s start a blog, an etsy shop and try a booth sale and see what happens!!

We hope you see something here you love and can’t resist.  Let us know if you need something specific, and if  you don’t see it on our page let us know and we can help you with whatever you are wanting.


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